Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Woman says she threw 3 kids off bridge

PHILADELPHIA - A Coast Guard official says crews are searching the Delaware River off Philadelphia after a woman called a hospital drug counselor and said she had thrown her baby and two young children from a bridge.

Petty Officer Michael Blake says the woman called St. Joseph's Hospital early Tuesday morning, saying she had thrown her kids off the Ben Franklin Bridge because she could not feed them. Blake says there is no way to verify if the report is true, but that the Coast Guard is treating it as legitimate.

Authorities are trying to locate the woman. The Coast Guard, plus police and firefighters from Philadelphia and Camden, N.J., are searching the river with boats and a helicopter.

The suspension bridge connects Philadelphia and New Jersey.

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2010/08/10/20100810woman-says-she-threw-3-kids-off-bridge.html#ixzz0wFoCKVve


This is absolutely preventable. I can't believe someone would harm their own children because they think they can't feed them, or the child cried, or the family is breaking up. Kill yourself not your kids. These innocent babies didn't ask your dumb ass to bring them into this world. You made that conscious effort to keep that child and be responsible for it. Stop thinking about yourself and be a damn parent. That baby needs you to protect, feed, and care for it (them). Selfish assholes don't deserve the love a child can give. There are loving, caring people out there that beg GOD for a child. They go through horrendous procedures at exorbitant cost to have a baby of their own. Most never get that blessing. and then we have these idiots that go off the deep end and murder their babies. Anyone that has done this should be sterilized so they can't screw up another life. The same thing goes for women who use abortions for birth-control. If you don't want to get pregnant there are numerous methods of birth-control that even your state provided healthcare insurance will provide for you. Stop being a selfish idiot!!

Big Daddy

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Kathleen said...

I could not agree more! What is happening in the world today. Parents killing their own chilren for what??? Did they ever find out if it was a hoax? Or did she really do it. No matter, I for one think you need a permit or something to be a parent. I live in a beautiful neighborhood problem is the Condo complex is being taken over by drug users... They openly do drugs infront of the kids and when security comes by they just rush the little children in and you can smell their drugs coming through the vents. Ofcourse none that I see work so you know what that means "we" are footing the bill. Not just that but because they hand out medical pot permits out like candy ... well everyone has one.... poor little children