Monday, August 9, 2010

Phoenix, AZ SB1070 protestors

THIS IS OBSCENE!!! At what point do we say enough is enough. I guess my country does not care anymore. When the time comes the people with their heads in the sand will look around and say why didn't someone stop this. One hundred years ago these people would be hanging from the gallows in downtown Phoenix next to the courthouse. But hey these people have rights, you don't. You can't stop them, your GOVERNMENT tells you they have rights. Not YOU have rights, THEY have rights. Your rights stopped the day they set foot in this country and could alter legislation in Congress and in the White House. The CITIZENS of this country need to stand up for themselves and stop looking the other way or believing the U.S. Government has your best interests at heart.

Those people on Capitol Hill only care about getting re-elected, not pushing thru legislation that will help our citizens. Our veterans and elderly are being starved out by lazy, useless people who refuse to work (not because they are not able to, they just don't want to). Welfare is for those who deserve it; widows, orphans, handicapped, and those unfortunate souls who have fell on hard times. When they are able to work find jobs for them. My highways look like trash bins, my roads have potholes the size of swimming pools, my city needs graffiti removed. You want the State of Arizona (my tax dollars) to pay for your food, healthcare, and unemployment insurance? Worker programs should be instituted and the money the State would pay for your WELFARE will be deducted from the wages you would've earned. The State of Arizona would win in both case as would the worker. The States of Arizona receives the work needed and reimbursed for the expense, the worker has healthcare, food, and the excess wages (or funds) to take care of the rest of life's necessities. Cable T.V., High-speed Internet, cigarettes, booze, a Cadillac Escalade with 24" rims, and/or $300 jeans are not necessities. Electricity, water, gas, car insurance (so when your deadbeat ass hits me I don't foot the bill with higher insurance rates), food, and hygiene products are ESSENTIALS for life. Then you can stand up and call for a better life now that you are a contributing member of this great country. This is not meant as a slam to the illegal immigrants that come here and sponge off my state, but also those leeches and lazy deadbeats who are citizens and feel the country owes them something because they were born here. Bull! Get your fat, lazy carcass off the couch and get a job, or volunteer your time, to take some of the load off the hardworking contributors of this country. My back is killing me carrying your dead weight around. I will never begrudge anyone the right to come to this great country and pursue the life, liberty, and justice I have enjoyed my entire life. But come here the right way and offer something useful to the economy.

Benjamin Franklin said "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Let us not give up our country and our freedoms. Our Constitution is the most sacred document to our way of life. The prolific corruption of our country is being done by our own Government with inaction and gross negligence. The ability of the senile, self-serving, maniacal members of our Congress have polluted our legislative body so much, for so long, the cancer is spreading to the citizens. We have become complacent and numb to the stench that has reeked the halls of Congress for decades. It does not matter, Republican or Democrat, they all have been part of the problem with no hint of a solution at the end of the rope this country is going to hang itself with. At some point there has to be an end to the malfeasance of our governing body. Because if not the horrors halfway around the globe that our soldiers are facing right now, while you sit down to dinner, while you watch your DirecTv, while you sit safe and sound in your high-rise office building, is going sweep across this land like a plague and its coming across the border everyday. I'm not talking about illegal Mexican immigrants, I'm talking about the ones that want to do this country irreparable harm. The horrors that plague the soldiers in the Middle East and Asia are coming to the streets of your neighborhood. If a poor, starving Mexican immigrant can sneak across the Southern border of the U.S. with little or no problem, do you think a terrorist with nearly unlimited resources cannot march him or herself up the same trail with any difficulty? How about carrying a small nuclear device that weighs 30 pounds and can clear a one mile radius piece of U.S. soil clean of all living organisms except cockroaches? This is real people not some fantasy as our Government would like you to believe. If you are scared, good you should be. Because fear breeds anger and anger breeds action. We are normal human animals with a flight or fight instinct. We are now back into a corner, there is no flight option left. We have to fight for our right to control our fate, fight for our right to be happy, fight for our right for liberty, fight for our lives before it is taken from us and some bureaucrat makes that decision for us.

I have added these thoughts in hopes that those people I send this email to might look into their hearts and see where there loyalties lie. I am an American citizen as is my father and his father before him and his father before him and so on for fourteen generations with the founding of this great nation.

Big Daddy


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