Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Giant iceberg a drifting menace

This article ( is great. Irregardless of where you stand on global climate change (which by the way has been happening for milliennia) this is interesting reading. The arguement is whether to try and break up a piece frozen water 4 TIMES the size of Manhattan. That's 100 square miles in size. This thing could wipe out anything in its path in addition to drifting into shipping lanes and bouncing off islands int he region. Now they're worried this thing could break up by itself and become several massive icebergs. the shipping lanes would be like going to the mall a week before school starts and trying to navigate the stores. Bobbing and weaving like Muhammed Ali in the ring. This is some serious stuff.

So what are your ideas? How did this happen? Are you a believer in Al Gore's theory of Global Warming catastrophes causing all this weird weather? Or is this just the Earth's cycle of cleansing itself? Is this the start of something like the movie Day After Tomorrow? I am interested where everyone stands on this topic. Opinions and theories make for great conversation fodder. And since everybody has an opinion and they all stink (except mine) no slamming anyone's idea or theory. Let's play nice and agree to disagree. I really want to know what you all think. Please post your comments and we'll see where we go.

Big Daddy


mikieg said...

I am not sure but seems like I have seen this story before, and the outcome was the same, 3 or 4 years ago the whole east coast was destroyed.

BIG DADDY said...

There was a smaller iceberg that broke away from the same glacier face in 2006. That one was a mere 15 miles wide. This one is supposed to be 4 times the size of Manhattan. They measured it at nearly 100 square miles in surface area. But why do you think this is happening? There has be a better answer than Al's doom n' gloom.