Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Iran says they have dug graves for US soldiers

"Iran warns 'we have dug mass graves for your soldiers' in response to U.S. attack threat" (2010) Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1301836/Iran-warns-dug-mass-graves-soldiers-response-U-S-attack-threat.html?ITO=1490#ixzz0wE5mo7PH

All right so these people are enriching uranium and building "energy facilities" to produce power, but yet they want us to believe it's all peaceful after threatening if attack they have mass graves for U.S. Armed Forces casualties? Seems to me that's not very peaceful. The U.N. put sanctions against Iran and North Korea because these zealot, fanatics can't control themselves from thumbing there nose at the rest of the world and doing things reminiscent of Hitler. Although Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and North Korean dictator Kim Jong II have only done these horrors to their own people, they continue to perform missile tests (in the case of North Korea) and offer for sale the enriched uranium (Iran) to parties outside its borders that would like nothing better than see the free world, especially the U.S., fall in a ball of nuclear flames.

"The deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guard, General Hossein Kan'ani Moghadam, said graves for any attacking U.S. troops had been dug in Iran's south-western Khuzestan province, where Iran buried Iraqi soldiers killed during the ruinous 1980-88 war between the Islamic republic and Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's regime" (2010). Now does this sound like a peace loving people. No, this sounds like a challenge. Well let us take a look at this from a global aspect...why not put a few precision, laser-guided Tomahawk enemas right up both Iran and North Korea's psychos' keesters? Is it that big of a problem? Don't we have the technology to swat a fly off the nose of George Washington's face at Mount Rushmore with a Tomahawk without making him sneeze? This should be easy peasy.

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen said, "I assume that the enemy will be hit in its own military bases out of our borders and will not have any chance to have its forces land in Iran...If the U.S. decides to take a pre-emptive action and attack Iran, Iran will have no choice but to strike the American bases in the region" (2010). So we know what will happen if we strike Iran, so cripple the defense system first by taking out the bases in a coordinated strike. At the same time destroy the communications grid. Create chaos within the military by removing the leaders first. When confusion and panic set in that's the time to push in with an air and sea strike that cleanses the region (be it Asia or Middle East) of all remenants of both problems, Ahmadinejad and Jong II, including their regimes.

I'm not a warmonger but these people are and would have no problem doing the same thing to us if they had even a shred of belief they could succeed. TRhe only reason they haven't so far is because they know their militaries are nowhere near the capabilities of The United States Armed Forces. But if they succeed in gain nuclear armament, look out cause the U.S. is on the top of the hitlist with these maniacs.

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