Sunday, August 22, 2010

OK damn it I have a rant!! I know “what a freakin’ shock”, right? I hope the revelation hasn't caused anyone stress. But what in the hell is going on in Washington?! Oh my GOD we are fucked! It’s like we put a bunch of shit sandwiches in charge. Everything they say or do stinks. These dumb asses have actually fed us so much bullshit I think I’m growing weeds out of my ears. I feel like a fucking mushroom.

Iran has developed a new unmanned bomber for “defense”. Are you shitting me? Defense? OK so let’s look at this logically, they are now a nuclear power (thanks to our buddies the Russians), testing long range missiles, and building unmanned bombers. Sure that’s for defense. Same as North Korea testing their stuff to make sure they can defend themselves. Can anyone tell me when in history this happened? YOU’RE RIGHT!! World War II! Germany and Japan did the same shit and look what the hell happened then. Germany controlled half of Europe and Japan controlled South East Asia. AND THEY DIDN'T HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS!! This is not going to end well people. These radical psycho countries aren't run by the citizens. There are two dictators that have control over the citizens through fear and torture. They have got their people so down trodden the people can’t fight back or are too scared to fight back.

Son of a bitch!! I just realized our government has done the same thing to us. We’re not scared to fight back. We've been slowly desensitized to the bullshit they keep feeding us. Our reaction is normal passivity because the stuff isn't happening in our little bubble of a life. Hurricane Katrina devastated the Southern U.S. and everyone felt bad and mourned those people for oh what A MONTH! Then something else captured our attention and off we went in a daze. “Oh look at the bright light. Katrina? I don’t know anyone named Katrina.” FEMA stepped on their fingers and screwed the pooch on Katrina. No plan, no reaction. FEMA just stood there and looked on until someone said something. Michael Brown knew the situation was dire. Marty Baramonde wrote this prick a memo and told him that people were dying, The Superdome, which was being used to house survivors, was running out of food and water. Brown’s response was “So do you think it’s too early to quit?” HUH?? You’re the head of the government’s emergency response agency and you want to quit? Holy shit! So I ask you again, what in the hell are those ass hats doing in Washington?? What did the government do? Nothing!! Oh they sent some National Guard troops down to keep peace. But the damage was already done. That people was five short years ago. Do you think anything has changed? Do you think Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, or any of the other jack wagons (Republican or Democrat) that occupy an office in Washington has a flying flamenco dancer’s ass of an idea what the hell to do if the shit hits the fan? I don’t! They’re all standing around with their fingers in the air going “I can’t seem to figure out which way the winds are blowing Toto”. Their blowing right up our fucking skirts you assholes!!!

And now the important thing is whether or not California is going to allow gay marriages to resume. Who the hell cares! Let them marry and be fucking miserable with the rest of us. Fuck people I don’t give a damn who marries who. I care about getting my ass handed to me on a platter by some fanatic with a nuclear weapon. Because trust me letting Jim and Stan or Beth and Donna get married isn't going to be the downfall of society as we know it, we aren't going to have a society or culture or anything the hell else if Kim Jong II or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sends a shitload rockets over here FEDEX with love. Cause I don’t give two shits about how my Queer Eye for the Straight Guy wardrobe looks because in the words of Dan Aykroyd those bombs “will suck the paint off your house and give your family a permanent pink afro”. And I’m no fashion critic but I don’t think the pink afro is going to look too good with anything in my closet.

Eventually this country is going to have to get it’s shit together and make them lazy ass bags in Washington do their damn jobs. Quit worrying about gays and lesbians marrying or what Britney, Lindsey, and Miley are wearing, screwing, or snorting, and start getting a handle on our international policies. This isn't just the government’s job people, it’s OUR job as citizens. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the rest of our founding fathers fought their asses off to defend this country and give us a place to be free. Every soldier that has fought for this country as defended those rights so Britney, Lindsey, and Miley can act like idiots and we can point and laugh like they’re the Three Stooges. We are soldiers for our country, every man, woman, and child. It is our duty to make sure our representatives, and I use that term loosely, in Washington do what is best for us. Now stop being sheep, mushrooms, and/or lazy and write to your Congressmen and women. Tell them to get on the stick and start paying attention to what we say.

Big Daddy


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