Friday, October 21, 2011

When the inevitable happens

Time and again friends give you advise about what you should think and feel. Too many times the advise is to let go and forget. How do you forget? It isn't like you lost a pair of sunglasses. How do you pick up the pieces when the shattered remenants lay about your feet like dust? Do you sweep them into a pile and hide them under a rug? Knowing this from experience I can say the tears will fall, depression will gain a foothold, and life WILL go on no matter how much you think it wont. I found comfort in the knowledge that I was going to live. Each time I took a breath I knew it would not be my last. Each step I took would take me into the vast known, alone. Each sunrise brought with it the hopes and challenges of a new day. Getting up each day became easier, eating didn't seem like a chore, and the pain faded.As the song goes. "the wound heals, but the scar remains". The scar of love is never seen, only felt. No two scars are the same, just as no two people are the same. A wound of love can become infected if not treated quickly. The infection can be depression, anger, hate, and sorrow. These "infections" will poison the body, and destroy the soul. Left to fester the infection will become psychosis and delerium. Patterns happen, solitude becomes the norm, avoidance the protection, and withdrawal the new mate. Friends see this and try to help, but don't know how. Eventually, the "help" does more harm or the friends give up because the drain on them is too much. These infections thrive on despair. Moving on is hard, but necessary for the health of everyone.

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