Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What is the Obama Administration doing?

When did the United States become the playground monitor? For the last 60 years the USA has stuck its nose in every other countries business. I am concerned we are biting off more than we can chew with Syria. Iraq we had the "belief" that WMD's were being hid only to find out it was a lie. Afghanistan was where Bin Laden was "hiding", he was in Pakistan. Now we are stepping in a critizing Syria for killing its own people. Assad's tyranny is horrible and ruthless, but Syria is a nuclear power and has made it perfectly clear it will defend itself with ALL means at its disposal. Obama decides to puff up his chest and "demand" Assad to allow democracy or step down. Or what? He will send in the military? Sanctions? Take away Assad's library card? Does Obama really think he has any control or authority to impose his will on Syria? He'd had a better chance getting Biden inducted into Mensa International's Hall of Fame. Now let us take a look at some of the "playground monitoring" the US has done and our track record. Korean Conflict, we fight North Korea and the Chinese. So now we have a psycho leader, Kim Jong II, with nuclear capability and an itchy trigger finger. Vietnam, we fight the North Vietnamese and get our asses handed to us to save South Vietnam from the communists. Well the Socialist Republic of Vietnam still stands today. Now we move to Nicaragua, the US "supports" the contra guerillas against the communist regime running the country. Now we have a bright light. The US sponsored contra win and democracy is brought to the country. It still stands today and Nicaragua is a prosperous land. After that there are smaller "police actions" like Somalia (still a hell hole), Serbia, (great job there), Sarajevo (joke), Kuwait/Iraq (the first time), now for ten+ years Iraq/Afghanistan. Can't this government getting it through their thick skulls, stay the hell out of other country's business. Our economy is in the toilet, unemployment/underemployment is astronomical, and Congress can't make a common decision to turn on the lights without a fight. Our government is running this country into the ground and it's the laughing stock of the planet. We're in debt to everyone, our budget is bouncing checks like the Globe Trotters working over a high school gym class, and China is done helping out. We're on the brink of something big in this country, and from the smell in the air its not good. We need to grab our Congressmen and women by the shirt collar and seat of the pants and see how far we can toss them down the steps of the Capitol building. This election year vote NO INCUMBENTS! Send these morons packing and get some new people in there to straighten this country out.

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