Saturday, May 31, 2008

In the beginning...

This is the opening of my new blog. I welcome all to read and share with me the trek through obscurity I like to call, LIFE. I started out as a bright, stunningly handsome rogue with the world at my feet. Then came school and I found out I was merely a clog in the giant machine of torture that is the American public school system. My life, similar to that of a hamster, began as I learned to run in place wondering were I was going but not really sure how to get there. Shortly after the first real school yard beating I received I realized I had better learn how to fight. I decided at that point not to let people take advantage of me (little did I know corporate American would continue the beatings). I fought back and made a mark in life that began to shape my world. The best thing was I no longer was picked on, but as with most humans my new found powers went to my head and I became the tormentor. This all changed the day, a girl, my best friend told me "I don't want to be your friend anymore because you're mean". It was then that I realized the path I had taken was one that was leading to destruction. I lost my best friend and found that nothing could mend those fences. Fast forward to high school, I learned to wield my self confidence in better ways. I made new friends and treated them like gold. That is until I found a girlfriend. OH CRUEL WORLD! WHY??! Well I married my "sweetheart" while still in school, and all was well until after high school I realized this was not what I wanted. Plus she was a drug-addicted floozy, so it worked out for both of us. I left and began a new chapter in life. This is when it gets good (for me at least), I met a lovely woman and remarried. We have two wonderful boys and a billion responsibilities. At this point life happened, I never thought that bills and responsibility could suck the wind out of your sails so fast. Plus raising children in this day is similar to the Witness Relocation Program; keeping them out of harms way, giving them the support they need without crushing them, and hoping they don't get found by the "bad guys" is more work than I could ever imagine. Fortunately they have become wonderful, smart, and devilishly handsome rogues (reminiscent of their father) with good ideals and morals. I contribute this, mostly, to their mother because she, fortunately, was a stay at home mom. This brings us to present day, now we have a 17 year old with a girlfriend, thank GOD she's a sweetheart, and a 13 year old, whose a skateboard fanatic, trying to keep them on the straight and narrow, but still let them experience life's ups and downs so they know what it's all about. Well this is basically my life, there are many more highlights (past, present, and future) to come so don't go away.

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